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Javid Radfar

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Good day everybody.
My name is Javid, and this is what I can say about myself:
In my late teenage years, I left my homeland and eventually ended up in Canada, as a refugee.
As a lonely youth in a new society, the cultural differences and my poor English created huge barriers, preventing me from getting along with others. However, with the help of new friends, I managed to have a much more pleasant life and feel more comfortable being in my new country.
I succeeded in studying Telecommunication in Vancouver, as later, I continued my education in software-computer after I moved to Ontario.
After I finished studying in Ottawa, I moved to Toronto and got hired by the technical department of TD Merchant Service.
Writing stories has always been my true passion. After a couple of years, I wrote a few short scripts and a young adult novel named "Union Of Damaron". I made two short films and also wrote for a YouTube TV series. I certainly hope that I can succeed much further in writing fiction.
In 2010, after a trip to Hawaii, I got pneumonia, and as a result, I could not go to work for more than three months. My body and soul were crushed, as I tried desperately to cope with the side effects, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, along with constant fatigue.
After seeing me in such poor health, my dear friends Farhad Ghasemikian and Ali Moaid introduced me to Kangen water. I admit that, in the beginning, I felt dubious about the whole concept and was quite reluctant to go with it. Nevertheless, I finally decided to take the chance and use Kangen water. Today, after observing how much my health has improved, I sincerely believe that I have made the right choice, and I certainly recommend everyone use this product. Even my parents are quite content with drinking Kangen water and certainly feel the difference since they take it.
I believe Kangen water opens a new path for everyone who cares about a healthy lifestyle. And based on my own experience, I feel obligated to persuade them to make this journey to achieve prosperity through having better health.
It's, by far, one of the best investments we could make in order to have peace of mind for ourselves and our families.