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Ali Moayed

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Hi, my name is Ali, I am a family man with two well-mannered boys. I earned my bachelor’s degree of Science in Nutrition from Iran. I have a history of employment within a thousand hospital beds & in Iran’s & Meli university hospital as a dietician. I work as a food inspector & lab tech inaction in Institute of Standards and Industrial Research in Iran. I taught nutrition in the Iranian Air Force. I moved to Canada 23 years ago. I tried to understand my new home and for this idea, I studied business management and IT. I worked as a food industrial supervisor in a bakery and restaurant and I have consolation practice for diet & healthy living for the past 23 years in Canada. During 2012 was the turning point in my life. My second son suffered from a strange pain in his leg at night time and the normal western medicine did not help him. He got healed by a kind of meditation & Homeopathy. After that, I returned to school to study Homeopathy. The school was the Homeopathy academy and the location was in UBC. I studied there for two years and I was introduced to a water & health seminar in the Vancouver holistic nutrition institute. That water seminar changed my life. I understood how water can improve health & happiness & beauty. After that, I began to inform everyone through my health seminars and how they can be healthier & happier with a couple of adjustments in their lifestyle. I did have the same health seminar all over the world. The place I have been such as Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Bellingham, Seattle, LA, Maryland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Dubai, university of Calgary. I believe that it is the start of my new journey research about water and increase health & happiness awareness.