Dog Behavior Specialist

8 year's as Squamish/Tsleil-Waututh nation Animal Control Bylaw officer. I've Worked with aggressive dangerous dogs that have been abused or neglected or a prior rescue with issues and rehabilitated them to be adoptable through SNAPP rescue.
Trained and taught by
Laurie Simington ( k9consult )


After suffering through my 30's from being injured in a car accident
And then hitting your 40's and it's just one body part after another hurting. I decided to change things and began working out once a gym opened up half a block away.
I had no more excuses, since then it's become part of my daily life


If you need someone at 4am, I'll be there to come get pick you up
I have been talking care of my mother with her Parkinsons for the last 8 years
I always put those I care about before myself


I wear my heart on my sleeve as they say. My love for dogs stems from when I was a kid. If I passed a stray dog walking home from school they would tend to follow me home and hang out until I walked them back to where our paths had originally crossed.


Born and raised in North Vancouver
Single dad of 2 boys
After a bad car accident and years of pain followed by depression and turning 40 and tired of my body hurting I changed my lifestyle and starting to work out
Quit smoking when I realized I had been smoking more than half my life
Now I Love to work out 5 to 6 days a week
Been Taking care of my mom for last 8 years with her Parkinsons
Love animals, being outdoors and enjoying this beautiful city
My friends will say I'm Passionate, caring, strong willed and a friend you can count on at 4am to come and get ya
Always puts others before himself




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Sean Brannan

Dog Behavior Specialist


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#305-2030 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1V7