Good Health is the Best Wealth

"Take care of your body,

It's the only place you have to live"


Case Management

"Starts by doing what's necessary ;
Then do what's possible ;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible "
I believe in my potential and the client's capability.

Meditation & Workout

Exercise and meditation both help me to promote health on all levels, including my physical, psychological and emotional well-being.Workout started by playing Basketball in secondary school.


Big Journey Start With Small Step. If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to meet it.


Hello Everyone,
My name is Neda. I have a Master degree of Medical Education plus10 years of working experince as Public Health Nurse in Ministary Health of Iran. My practice focused on population health, with goal of promoting health, and preventing disease and disability in different target groups .I was responsible for the Supervition and scheduling up to 100 skilled staff, volunteers continually upgrading employee skills. I coordinted and executed multiple global health education initiative regarding the seniors, children and women's health in Iran. I conducted need assessment on each client admitted into the case management stream, Provided day-to-day guidance and supervision to deliver a consistent case management approach for my assigned vulnerable populations ,and delivered counseling to vulnerable clients, made a plan, and follow up their file. Since, I moved to Canada, I have been working with child and family Services as a Family support worker. I am in charge of supporing assigned refugee families with orientation, action planning, agency referrals, and transition plans while in the program .I collaborate with local health practitioners, community partners, and parents to assess parent settlement and children development needs, plus Carry client caseload while working with program, staff and community partners to make referrals to external programs. Bringing smile on my clients’ face by Making a small changes in their life makes me more motivated to blend my passion and knowledge with my career.
I enjoy spending time with my lovely husband , family & friends. I love to travel to understand history and learn how others live, I have personally discoverded that meditating on self-love allows me to reconnect with my heart to remembe that "We Are One".
I am still passionate about health network and collaborating with Green Code Group to spread the knowldge of drinking healthy water on humans live



Health is Wealth

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Neda Shekarian

Public Health Expert


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