Complete Dog Care

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Complete dog care
We can recommend our services & knowledge
Vet transportation
Food delivery
Washing if requested
Education for all dog owners new and old
Half/full day dogdie care
Local kennels
qualified breeders what requirements to look for / reported issues on bad breeders. listed confirmed cases for you to be informed before buying a new member

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Dog training

$65 / hr dog training 1hr


Dog walking

$30 - 40 /1 hr based on size of dog

Zoom meeting/ Q&A "all topics"

Book private Zoom meeting where you can ask direct questions. 15 min sessions $30,
From training tips , benefits of raw food
Rescues ,Breeders , what to look for and what to avoid .
New owner, why you should foster before you buy, make sure it works in your lifestyle.
Over 30 plus years of knowledge and experience with dogs at your service
Weekly topic meetings available also questions on topic only 1 per person

Food delivery

We pick up and deliver based off product availability, min order $75
Pre order 3 days before $20
2 days or less a $ 30 delivery fee.


“We adopted a rescued Rottweiler, through S.N.A.P.P.S. and Sean was our key contact. She was a wonderful family dog, well-socialized and trained. We could see how dedicated Sean was to finding her the right home, and we couldn’t have hoped for a better dog for our family.”

Jill Wallace McNeill


People say I can to be to honest at times.
I just believe it's easier to heal from the truth then a lie. So even if it hurts . Being honest is just the only way to be and it's my mantra

Quality service

We have over 30 plus years of experience and knowledge to best help out clients with there K9 family member.
Laurie S has 25 plus years with rescues.
Sean B has been the longest and most successful bylaw ACO for the Squamish Nation. He has been welcomed in there community. He has helped along with SNAPPS rescue and the Nation's members clean up the off leash issues that once existed before he started working for the SQ Nation as there ACO bylaw officer.


I wear my heart on my sleeve as they say..
My love for dogs stems from when I was a child. If I passed a stray dog while walking home from school. I'd tend to have someone following behind me after I'd say hi and pet the dog. They would hang out in front of our apartment until I'd come out and walk them back to where we originally met.


Laurie Simington

Companion Animal Science Inst.

Sean Robert Brannan

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Vet transportation

$30 Vet transportation pre booking 1 week notice/ kennel provided if needed
Urgent transportation day of Vet visit $50
Feline Vet-transport available also if requested
We transport across North/West Vancouver

Training / Walking services available
Central Vancouver, Burnaby , North Shore


#305-2030 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1V7

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Complete Dog Care